Recording Studio

Get ready for an awe-inspiring and totally immersive music experience.

The KYOTO recording studio is a beautiful, unique and world-class recording studio, hiding in the stunning 22 - acre Larkins Farm, in Essex. Just 15 minutes drive from Shenfield Overground, or Epping's central line station.

Having spent decades in recording studios we know what’s needed to make great music – we’ve used this extensive know-how to design an unrivalled creative space.

We’ve combined old school brilliance, like our analogue MCI 500 Rev D console (previously owned by John Entwhistle from The Who), alongside the latest technology and some brilliant instruments – including Arigato guitars!

As a passionate lover of all things drums, Glen has created this studio with recording drums at the very heart of it.  Including a very special innovation, introducing…the Drumbrella.  The Drumbrella uses dynamic acoustics to create different sounds – without the usual instrumental upheaval and costly delays.

In its lowest position, the Drumbrella, surrounded by baffles, creates a tight sound, then by inching it up, you can totally change the character of the recording until you get the openness and ‘room’ sound you desire.

Knowing the industry, we know there can be costly delays when reconfiguring instruments – we’ve done everything we can to make this studio as time efficient and fun as possible.

As well as boasting a top spec studio, you can also lose yourself at Larkins Farm and enjoy every moment:

- Accommodation available on site for 8 people

- Original USA Airstream camper onsite for additional accommodation or visual content use
- An outdoor tennis court and table tennis!
- Swimming pool – complete with inflatables…(in the summer months)
- Hot tub for 6 people
- Outdoor BBQ area
- 22 acres of outdoor space to roam and chill-out
- Our pet peacock called Flash 5 (no, seriously)
- Plenty of car parking space
- Pure decadence, just outside London

- Total privacy guaranteed behind our Wonderland gates


Come to the tranquil British countryside, step away from the stresses of life and make some wonderful, ear-bleedingly loud music.  Everyone is welcome – all managers, labels, bands, publishers, singers, producers, songwriters - and don’t worry, it’ll just be you and Flash 5 on the farm.