We want to work with artists who have raw talent, an awesome presence and big ambitions.

We work with brilliant talent, our artists excite and thill you, they make you feel alive when you hear them play.

We like artists with a clear vision – who know who they are and where they want to go. KYOTO helps get them there.

We’re experts in live. We’ve lived on the road with some of the biggest bands in the world today, so we know how to build fanbases organically - with the power of great music, tailored marketing and lots of shows.

We believe in taking things slowly and doing it right.

As lovers of the creative process we know that giving musicians the chance to make noise in a studio can result in brilliant new music.

We don’t want to encourage artists to take on loads of debt so, to keep overheads to a minimum and dial creativity up

to the maximum, we provide our roster with free access to our world-class rehearsal studio, writing spaces and a shit hot recording studio.

Since we’re also good, kind people we allow other musicians to use our studio for a low cost.

It really is beautiful, and everyone is welcome.

KYOTO is proud to be home to brilliant artists like King Nun, Mercy and Sian Kelly and we’re
committed to providing them with the time, the space and direction they need to become
global names.

As well as music-lovers we recognise creativity comes in many forms, and we also support great British visual artist Kazland, renowned Dutch music photographer Hans Peter and Italian creative director Eva Boursier.



Fine Art

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